HPC Recycling and Waste Management

Oct 2011 / Current

As of now HPC has received “Approval for agency transactions in accordance with §50 of the Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG)”.

On behalf of a third party, HPC is entitled to arrange for the movement of waste within the meaning of §3 KrW-/AbfG.

In particular, the permit has been issued for:
shipments of waste for recycling and for disposal, waste shipments as a transport process all types of waste the Waste Catalogue Ordinance (AVV), Federal Law Gazette 2001, Part I, No. 65, Page 3379 of Dec 12, 2001 shipments of waste within the Federal Republic of Germany

Markus Rothe has been named as the responsible person. HPC’s agent number is AV 0000 139. For further questions, please feel free to contact us.